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Upcycling Ties Into Neck Pieces

My friend Jasmeet makes beautiful neck pieces using old ties. You can see her architectural training come through in examples like the one below.

Neck Piece by Jasmeet Kahlon

Another piece of hers was actually used in the Uniform Project, worn as a headband rather than a neck piece.

The Uniform Project


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Upcycling Pants into Hats

Amy in a hat she designed and made.

My friend Amy designs hats that are fun and stylish. With her label Motley Collection, she sews all the pieces in her Front Street studio. On a recent visit there, I was amazed to learn that she frequently makes her hats using fabric from pants she finds at vintage stores. Recycling cloth in this way, or rather upcycling, she says, is good for the planet and saves her the extra time and cost of treating raw fabric, among many other benefits. Amy’s hats can be purchased at Annabella’s in North Beach.

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