Making a My Twin Dressform

I spent part of the weekend making a “My Twin Dressform” with help from a dear friend. (No, that’s not us below!) Tackling this project meant I had to stand for an hour in a plastic bag while my friend wrapped me in wet plaster bandages. Once the bandages hardened, she cut the plaster cast off of me, and I was left with two halves, which I sewed together today. Then I had to cover the seams, arm holes, and neck hole with more plaster bandages.

Photo from the My Twin Dressform Website

After the cast is completely dry, the next step is to fill the dress form with a liquid mixture that turns into a dense foam as it hardens. Once the foam is complete dry, it’s time to peel off the plaster and shave off the remaining bandages. The last steps are to sew a casing on top of the dress form and glue it to a base. Wish me luck!


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